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Daily JPG 163


They were teaching children some of the troop-movement maneuvers, and I thought this boy was particularly cute. His hat has a little horn on it.

Daily JPG 162


This is one of my favorite pictures – maybe THE favorite – from the Civil War demonstration. The book is a family Bible dating to pre-CW.

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Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Baker

Daily JPG 160


Why, look – it’s Abraham Lincoln, telling that guy in the funny hat that it is my parents’ anniversary. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Trying Something New

It’s a long story, having much to do with technical difficulties and my cheapness, but the point is this: this website is moving.

If you are one of the two people who reads this blog, please change your RSS subscription or bookmark to http://didyouhavejuice.wordpress.com. This new site will combine this site (my journal) and my book blog (Outside of a Dog). I’ve already posted a new journal entry and two new book reviews – check them out!

Again – Kate’s Journal is now Did You Have Juice? and will no longer be updated at this location.

Daily JPG 156


I believe this is a Civil War-era telegraph machine. (No, I’m not particularly geeked out on Civil War history; I just took a lot of pictures at a Civil War Demonstration Day at Eagle Island.)